Why VPR's Raquel Leviss & James Kennedy Really Broke Up

Fans of Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules were shocked when cast members Raquel Leviss and James Kennedy announced their split earlier this year. The couple had been together for several years and had weathered their fair share of ups and downs, including Kennedy’s struggles with addiction and infidelity. But what was the real reason behind their breakup?

According to sources close to the couple, the breakup was a long time coming and was the result of a variety of factors. One major issue was Kennedy’s ongoing struggles with alcoholism and addiction. He had been open about his battle with these issues on the show, and Leviss had stood by him through multiple stints in rehab and attempts at sobriety. But ultimately, it seems that his addiction proved too much for their relationship to handle.

In addition to his struggles with addiction, Kennedy’s infidelity was also a major factor in the breakup. He had been caught cheating on Leviss multiple times in the past, and while she had forgiven him and tried to move on, it seems that the trust between them had been irreparably damaged.

Another factor in their split was Leviss’s growing career aspirations. She had been working as a model and had recently landed a gig as a beauty influencer for a major brand. This had put a strain on their relationship, as Kennedy was still struggling to find his own footing in the entertainment industry and may have felt overshadowed by Leviss’s success.

Despite these issues, both Leviss and Kennedy have spoken out about their respect and love for each other, and have indicated that the breakup was amicable. In an Instagram post announcing their split, Leviss wrote, “We will always have each other’s backs and support one another through life’s ups and downs. This wasn’t an easy decision, but we know it’s the right one.”

For his part, Kennedy has also expressed his love and admiration for Leviss, writing on social media, “I will always hold Raquel in the highest of regards and love her endlessly. She’s truly one of the kindest people I’ve ever met and I’m grateful for her love and support over the years.”

While their breakup is undoubtedly sad for fans of the show and for the couple themselves, it is also a reminder of the challenges that can come with trying to maintain a relationship in the public eye. Leviss and Kennedy have both been open about their struggles on the show, but ultimately it seems that some issues are simply too difficult to overcome.

As they move forward, both Leviss and Kennedy are focusing on their respective careers and personal growth. Leviss has continued to work as a model and influencer, while Kennedy has been pursuing his passion for music and DJing. And while they may no longer be together, they will always have the support and love of their Vanderpump Rules family, as well as their dedicated fans.

In the end, the real reason behind Leviss and Kennedy’s breakup may never be fully known. But what is clear is that they both care deeply for each other and are committed to moving forward with grace and respect. Their story is a reminder that even when things don’t work out as planned, there is always the possibility of growth, healing, and new beginnings.

By Mark Johnson

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